17/18 Moo 1, Koh Tao Suratthani, 84360 Thailand         Info @ Big Blue Diving        +66 (0) 77 456 050

The Team


Billy Cloud. Mr Billy Cloud (Cockney) who at 73 is the current world record holder for oldest living human to use bad language non-stop for 70 years. He's the Mnager at Big Blue Movies as well as the hardest working member of the team, and recently saved up enough money to pay for his long suffering girlfriend Sarah to have her swear receptors permanently removed. Never one to moan or complain Billy has been working on & off at Big Blue since the dawn of man as an Instructor (before he got fired) then a videographer (before the company he worked for got fired) and now back here again filming for us at Big Blue Movies before he'll more than likely get fired again! As they say all good things come in threes!


 wayneWayne Morris Tasmanian! Though he's never been there before in his life! Brought up in the sunny climes of Seaford Sussex Wayne is an incredibly talented and creative young man (cough), and designs many of our promotional flyers & posters & social media bollocks. Hand picked by the Boss to for his years of experience as an underwater person with a camera. He has many duties including: wrangling videographers, replenishing the cotton buds and bog roll, asking Billy to calm down, coiffing other videographers hair, dogsitting & inspiring the youth of today to become underwater camera persons like himself. Oi Loik Phish I do!




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