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Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - July 20, 2013



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UK's SCUBApursuits leaving PADI to join SSI

So the overall UK Number One Certifying Center, Scuba Pursuits with over 50 Instructors & 18 years as the PADI top dog in the UK are defecting & joining SSI. This is huge news in the Scuba World. The reason for jumping ship & joining with SSI is... "We feel that as SSI focuses less on sales and more on enjoyment, experience and “cost free” reward and recognition for this, it is sure to be far more rewarding in the long run for everyone involved. We also feel that our students and divers will now get so much more out of this amazing and rewarding sport. After all there is absolutely no point learning to scuba dive unless you actually get the opportunities to get out there exploring and adventuring. It's about giving our divers every opportunity possible to go diving, to develop their skills and then, when they are good and ready for it, to buy equipment or complete further training. We believe the SSI system is the best way forward for SCUBApursuits, our centres, our staff, our students and in our opinion quite possibly scuba training in general." Adsolutely right Guys. & here at Big Blue we've known that for years already. SSI- definitely the future of scuba diving.

I would recommend Big Blue diving to everyone

“Freaking awesome!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 15, 2013 - Diving was the highlight of whole Thailand. It doesn't get any better. I would recommend Big Blue diving to everyone. Great atmosphere, nice food, but most important great instructors! Our instructor was Richard (rick) and he was a really good instructor. My girlfriend (lisa) was really nervous for the whole course and the deep dive (SSI open water diving 18m) but he got her all relaxed and she did everything. We liked it so much that we did the advanced adventurer course and that was even more amazing. Big blue diving is a good combination between fun, relax, profesional and experience. Big applause for Rick who was nice and got lisa to dive to 30m and a night dive! WE LOVED IT! 

Book before you get to Koh Tao or we might be full

Can't stress this enough. Its the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan next week & as July is one of the busiest of the years then I absolutely have to 100% totally hands down no holds barred have to recommend booking your accommodation here in Koh Tao before you even get here. Its going to be chaos next week. & even then we can't guarantee if you've left it this late already that we will even have the accommodation that you've booked but we will do our absolute utmost to do everything we can to help you. Its going to be soooo much harder to do for those who walk in without having made a booking. For you guys we'll probably offer you a cushion to sleep on either in the classroom or on the beach, so bring your sleeping bags! Look forward to seeing you all next week... with your bookings!

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