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Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - July 30th, 2013



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World Ocean Clean-up 27th September

Dear Jim, Big Blue Diving & Ocean Ambassadors around the world! Welcome to the biggest ecological diving family in the World. My name is Kristijan Curavic, I am a diver and the president of GUWAA (Global Under Water Awareness Association). In September 2013 we are organizing the biggest sea, lakes and rivers clean up in History. This global clean up is being organized in memory of Legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau in Partnership with Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, Bernie Ecclestone Formula 1 CEO, GUWAA Patron Bianca Jagger and Francois Sarano a personal friend of Cousteau and former member and diver of Calypso. This clean up will be verified by Guinness Book of World Records and together with you we will make this officially the biggest water clean up in history with more than 80 countries participating. Become a part of history with us and make your diving centre an official GUWAA supporter, representative or an agent. Please join us on 27 September 2013 (time zone variations apply) in this incredible mission to preserve, protect and clean our most important life support element ”water” which is responsible for all life on Earth. This clean up will unite all countries, continents, people around the world to come together and fight for the same cause and same dream - Ocean preservation. As a diver you are also an ambassador - you speak for the sea and all life in it. Guwaa has started systematic clean up in the whole world during 2013 and this will continue for 3 years - at one point it will come to your country to organize clean up with your diving center. 

Great acccommodation, food, location & Scuba Instructors

“Absolutely amazing scuba diving, great price, location and people!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 23, 2013 - Had such a great time doing my advanced open water with big blue. My instructor Kyle Davis was so great he helped me so much with my two main issues, equalizing pressure and buoyancy. I feel like I am now a much improved diver! Big blue has great accommodation, food, location, and more, everything you would want from a scuba diving trip. 

Book accommodation before you get to Koh Tao

"Super duper busy" is how one person described it. Busier than a cop in a donut shop or Earls Court during a porn convention, its just gone mental here in Koh Tao & this is just the beginning of peak season. August actually gets busier though its hard to believe at this very moment. So I can't stress this enough if you are planning on visiting Koh Tao in August & you happen to be coinciding your visit either side of the Full Moon Party than you really must book something before you get here. Unless of course you fany sleeping on the beach or resting your head down in our mozzie ravaged classrooms! Use your head! Book a bed! Use your noggin, get your booking... in!

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