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Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - August 5, 2013



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Book Your Accommodation before you get to Koh Tao


Happy to be picking up the phone & answering the question "Should I book before I get to Koh Tao?' The answer is of course yes! If August is anything like July then thats a 100% yes! Unless of course you want to spend your first night sleeping on the beach or on the cushions in some f the restaurants or classrooms of some of the Dive shops. Not a great way to spend the night unless of course you fancy being ravaged by mosquitoes all night! Use your head & Book a bed! Call us on 077456415 or better email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No Place Better on Koh Tao than Big Blue

“Counting down the days until I return!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 30, 2013 - No words can express my love for this place. I recently completed my dive master training after having done my open water, advanced, EFR and rescue courses all at big blue. I was fortunate enough to have Tim as my instructor earlier in the year for OW and AAOW…upon my return to the island, in May, I was so pleased to see he was my instructor for both EFR and rescue! Every instructor there is truly amazing at what they do and Tim instructed in the perfect way that worked for me. He introduced me to the other instructors and really helped to make me feel at home and welcome. During my DMT I had 6 brilliant mentors, all of whom would help in any way they could. The full time dive masters were also fantastic role models and really helped to show myself and all the other DMTs the ins and outs of being a good dive master. The tech boys are one in a million, and were good enough to put up with me sitting in the tech shack for many hours on many occasions, boring them with meaningless stories and terrible jokes. The genuine highlights of my time there were the assists! Seeing the DM’s and instructors deals with all manner of situations in relaxed, confident and professional manners is really inspirational. The DMT challenge really put me through my (drinking) paces and I have Simmo to thank for making it such a fun night! (from what I remember that is). Dive at this school and you will not regret it for a second. All the instructors and DMs take the time to get to know their students and customers personally and won’t give up ANYONE. Upon completion of open water, I can guarantee the thought of continuing onto advanced will be playing on your mind. DO IT. Everything is better below 18meters! Once you do the advanced, you will be hooked. And it is safe to say, there are far worse things to be obsessed with. Obviously diving is the main attraction of this beautiful place, but in the evenings the bar is always buzzing, great food in the restaurant and once a week beer pong is held. Get involved! it is a great way to meet other people- especially if you are backpackers! Living on this island for 3months simply wasn’t long enough, so I will be back next year for the entire summer. Sorry guys, not got rid of me that quickly. Just read all of the other reviews and it speaks for its self…there is no place better than Big Blue. Happy diving!! Missing you all like mad. Alice

Koh Tao Weather Forecast


Think you'll be happy to know that the weather has become beautiful & sunny again! All those English people wandering around the place in their jumpers & overcoats last week moaning about how cold wet & windy it was are now wandering round in the singlets & sunburnt sleeves moaning about how hot it is!. God Bless 'em! Forecast is good too so it looks like the bad weather is over now for a while & we'll be hearing heaps more posh people whinging about the heat! Pip Pip!

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