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Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - August 6, 2013



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Editorial Feature in SCUBA- UK's Leading Dive Mag

Another day another magazine article on Big Blue Diving Koh Tao in another one of the worlds leading Dive Magazines. This time its the UK's largest circulating Scuba Diver Magazine with a nice article on Asia's largest BSAC Center Big Blue Diving, & a lot of talk about our Eco activities with our very own in house Marine Biologist Green Queen Dr. Jennifer Matthews PhD. One Eco activity she's very proud of organising is Koh Tao's extremely popular swim for sharks a 3.4 Km swim around the Island of Nang Yuan which coincidentally happens to be taking place this coming Saturday the 10th August. Want to get involved & raise money for Shark Awareness & protection then look no further. Come join in the Swim & help us save some sharks & then you can read all about it in our next big Magazine featured editorial.

The Best Dive School on Koh Tao

“Faceplanting Fantastic - Thanks Rich!!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 31, 2013 - No words to express our love for Big Blue! We came to Koh Tao undecided on whether to dive or not and we couldn't be more glad that we did, if you're looking for an unforgettable experience then choose BIG BLUE.. the best dive school on the island. The whole place and courses is absolutely faultless. We came to Ko Tao at the end of our travels and did both the Open Water Course and squeezed in the Advance with 2 days to spare to get home, we never wanted to leave!! Our instructor was Rich who was an absolutely amazing instructor... professional, patient, knows his stuff and at the same time such a laugh and made the whole experience unforgettable for us! Even after attempting a triple front off the top of the boat with a painful face plant he made me laugh!! - proudly its making the Christmas video haha!! We strongly suggest you request Rich if you want an unforgettable diving experience! It was definitely the highlight of our trip. THANKYOUUUU RICH AND BIG BLUE FOR AN AWESOME 6 DAYS!! WE WILL BE BACK! Mia & Craig x 

A Diving Vacation- The Holiday of a Lifetime

Have you met anyone lately who has said: “I just have so much time on my hands, and I get to relax whenever I want!” Not likely. It seems like everyone has a jam-packed schedule, a never-ending list of obligations and not much time to devote to themselves. It can feel nearly impossible to step away – but you should. And when you do, diving provides one of the best ways to not only escape the everyday grind, but to shake off the stresses of life. Psychologists and health care professionals frequently point out the possible benefits of simply taking time off. Studies have shown that a restful, relaxing break from daily stresses may enhance the body’s ability to heal, enhance creativity and may even increase motivation and productivity. Enjoying some of that free time in nature only enriches the effects – and what better way to enjoy nature than by diving? With every descent beneath the waves, you reap multiple benefits: Physical exercise, Natural light, Calming sounds, Close contact with nature. Diving provides an exceptional opportunity to really interact with and be immersed in the natural world. While there’s plenty to think about during a dive, it’s all directed toward the cause of an experience you love. A diving vacation could be just the thing you need to recharge your batteries. So if you fancy a holiday of a lifetime why don't you get in touch?

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