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Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - August 20th 2013-



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Tuesday 20th August 2013-Full Moon On Koh Tao

The Full Moon party lasts but one night; Koh Tao is eternal

Koh Tao isn’t ‘just’ an island; it is a shared experience of 7-11s, Scuba diving, late night dancing in the ocean, buckets of alcohol, fire dancers, and balloons filled with laughing gas. On paper, the island of Koh Tao is an 8 square mile speck of land in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s now a bright spot on the South East Asia backpacker scene along with Koh Phi Phi, Koh Pha Ngan, and Koh Samui.  The island has become a Scuba mecca, second in the world only to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia in certifying Open Water divers.  In reality, Koh Tao is something completely different.  The real Koh Tao is something like this… Hotel California.  The Bermuda Triangle.  Koh Tao.  All three of these places share a mystical property that mesmerizes people and suspends them in a state of trance similar to a snake charmer working their craft.  An article written on Travelfish by a long-term traveler neatly sums up this charm: When asked to write about life on Ko Tao from a longterm stayers point of view, all I could think about were the three biggest lies told on the island. I’ll leave you to ponder the other two but the biggest, without a doubt is, “I’m leaving tomorrow.” This phenomenon is actually so well documented that there isn’t actually anything new to say about Koh Tao, and so I am not going to try.  In fact, after three weeks on the island I’m convinced that a completely new and unique experience on the island is nearly impossible.  Anyone who comes to Koh Tao is going to experience one or more of the following phenomena and walk away with a set of experiences that be shared with anyone else who has ever spent a few nights on Koh Tao.  The Full Moon party lasts but one night; Koh Tao is eternal. Eventually you may find a way to escape Koh Tao – to get off the island and continue your backpacking through Thailand.  It will, without a doubt, be at a date later than you originally expected.  When you finally leave you’ll think of returning.  You’ll think of the Koh Tao Experience.  You close your eyes: The sky on fire.  Faces illuminated by kerosine.  Memories blurred by balloons of SangSom and buckets of laughing gas. Koh Tao.

The Divemaster's were even better than the Instructors

5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor August 17, 2013 - I must say that Big Blue is an absolutely great place with fantastic people. I know that Big Blue is a perfect place if you want to take your open water or advanced course or any other course for that matter, because they have some really great and professional instructors. And I know that because I took my open water and advanced with Big Blue last year. This time around I was back to do a lot of fundiving and I think that the Divemasters at Big Blue are truly fantastic and amazing. If it’s possible and I think it is the Divemasters are even better than the instructors or at least equally as good. I had the pleasure of diving with a couple of different Divemasters including Darren, Becca, Carly and Steven and they are all really good at what they do. I did most of my dives with Darren as a Divemaster and he is truly an amazing Divemaster and a great guy and I’m really happy that I got “stuck” with him for most of my dives. He definitely made me a better diver even though I was pretty good to begin with and he made everyday a new adventure. So if you want to dive with the best Divemaster in Thailand possibly in the whole world you have to go to Koh Tao now because Darren is leaving soon. If you are a crazy Nudibranch lover like me you have to dive with Steven. He is the absolutely best Nudibranch finder at Big Blue but I think Darren is pretty good as well. My two girls Becca and Carly are always smiling, laughing and so much fun to be around especially on the boat but they are also really great to dive with. I can honestly say that the Divemasters Darren, Becca, Carly and Phil made my diving and my stay at Koh Tao unforgettable, amazing and so must more fun than I ever expected. As I wrote earlier Big Blue is a great place with fantastic people. Everybody is always very friendly, helpful and willing to go an extra mile to make your stay pleasant. There is a special vibe and atmosphere around Big Blue that is really difficult to explain but it just makes you happy. The best regards from Stina Moellnitz, Denmark. 

Removing a net off Southwest Pinnacle

Thanks very much to everyone who came to help out last week when we set off for the Secret Pinnacle at Southwest to remove a large net that had become tangled in the coral. Always a sad sight but even worse when you see the immediate impact that net has when you struggle to free the trapped reef fish, & count those that didn't make it. After spending 45 minutes removing the net, only a small portion was cleared.In this day & age surely there is a better way to catch fish!

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