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Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - January 9th 2014



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British Women Reside Amongst Fungus
rsz buddy-checkFor those of you that are yet to become divers, diving is all about safety, having a back-up of a back-up of a back-up.. We check our equipment before we get in the water- as we're setting our gear up, and then again just before we get in the water. It's called a pre-dive safety check and it serves two purposes. We are checking that our equipment is working properly before we go diving, so if we have any issues they can be resolved on the boat, and we are familiarizing ourselves with our buddy's gear, so that if they need any kind of assistance during the dive or on the surface we will be better able to help them. First of all, we make sure our BCs are working correctly. Then we double check that each person is wearing a weight belt that has an accessible, right-hand, quick release mechanism (so we can drop our weights easily if we need to). Then we familiarise ourselves with how our buddy's BC is secured, type and number of clips, and location of them. We also check that the tank band is nice and tight, so that the air cylinder will not come loose during the dive. Then we check our air supply. One person breathes from their primary regulator, whilst the buddy breathes from the alternate regulator (belonging to the first buddy, so two people are breathing the air from one tank). They breathe in at the same time to make sure the needle of the air gauge doesn't fluctuate. If it does, it could mean that the air is not fully turned on, or that there is a problem with the regulator. Then the exercise is repeated with the 2nd person's regulators. The last check is the final ok- we are just ensuring that everything is working and streamlined, and that we have our masks and fins so that we are good to go diving. 
We always do the check in the same order, and remember it by using an acronym; BWRAF. We can remember this by using some standard phrases or we can make up our own. I mentioned it the other day on the Big Blue Facebook page and people were coming up with all sorts of weird phrases. The most benign would be Begin With Review And Friends. Then there is Bruce Willis Ruins (or Rocks) All Films. Bangkok Women Really Are Fellas, or Bruised Wrists Ruin Arse Fun. See if you can come up with something original and funny and post it to our Facebook page. 
Once the check is done, we can do what we're here for... To go diving!!

Koh Tao hospital
So I don't know when it happened exactly, but the new hospital that was being built on Koh Tao, has been built, and is open for business.. Hopefully it won't get many customers. It's been a long time coming, but what I do know is that the private health clinics are a complete rip off, and if you're used to something like the NHS, you may need to recalibrate your expectations of medical care. The Government hospital is brand spanking new, and treatment will be much much cheaper than the clinics. It's based somewhere in Chalock.. I don't need to be worried about being vague, it's not as if it's going to be difficult to find on an Island this small!






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