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Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - January 30th 2014



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More wrecks!
Trident-sinkingContinuing the theme of wrecks in and around Koh Tao, today it’s the MV Trident. The Trident is a dive boat that was sunk on purpose to act as an artificial reef. When in service, she (that’s how you refer to ships, they’re all female) was operated by Tech Thailand as a technical diving liveaboard. She was used to search for wrecks all over the Gulf of Thailand, and was able to find 30 lost ships before the owners decided to sink her. These include a variety of World War two ships and submarines, including the USS Lagarto, and more modern day cargo ships- even a drilling ship. Once the decision was made to decommission and sink her in November 2010, she had all her insides removed- engines, transmission, electrical wiring, furniture, fluffy dice, and even the soda stream. This was to make her environmentally friendly so she didn’t leak any oil or diesel into the ocean, and to make technical wreck penetrations a little less deadly. So there she sits today, her 29 metre steel hull rusting away on the sea bed at 36 metres- pretty deep for recreational divers but still open to experienced fun divers that have their deep speciality certification. It’s also a great training site for any technical diving courses beyond intro to tech.
She’s located just to the South of Shark Island, which is around a 20 minute ride from Big Blue. The great thing about the location is that Shark Island can sometimes be subjected to strong currents, which means that any local marine life use the Trident as a shelter- great for divers... not really ideal for snorkelers.. If you want to dive the Trident, pop into the office during your stay with us and charm the divemasters into letting you go, they’ll be mad for it. Then tell them you've changed your mind and just want to snorkel it..

Monkey or no monkey?
One of the posher resorts on Koh Tao, Jamikiri, say on their website that they have a monkey sanctuary. I had no idea whatsoever, and was quite excited about the prospect, so I asked around all the people that have been here forever, but no-one else had any idea either. So they’re either telling porkies about monkeys on their website, or its Koh Tao’s best kept secret. The only other monkeys I’ve ever seen on Koh Tao are owned by local Thai guys that go round the resorts and use them to remove coconuts from the trees so they don’t fall on anyone’s heads, killing them outright, and allowing them to join the statistical comparison, whereby more people are killed by coconuts each year than are killed by sharks.. fact. So the monkeys are on a very long dog lead, go up the tree, and commit violence on the coconuts until they fall to the ground. As for monkeys in the wild roaming around the jungle tree-tops, I have no idea, I’ve never seen any. Maybe they all dug a tunnel reinforced with coconuts and escaped to the mainland, and were employed as extras in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 film.

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