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21st January 2015beachclean

Big Blue Conservation had our monthly beach and reef clean up the other day which was joined by the divemaster trainees and some of our guests (anything to get a free dive hey). The team collected from Hin Wong Bay which is a beach that seems to collect rubbish during monsoon as the winds are coming in a westerly direction pushing the rubbish up on the beach on the eastern side of Koh Toa. Well done and thank you to everyone who took part. We need to keep our oceans and divesites clean its just a shame that the rubbish we pick up as a result of our own humanities actions. So in the bars and restaurants and shops say no to straws and plastic bags if you dont need them.

Today we meet our Divemaster Mentor Team. This bunch of muppets are responsible for the training of our professionals, they can be all that bad as some of our best fulltime divemasters and instructors were trained by them.

So without further ado lets meet Simo, G, Guy, Iain, Nick and Ant. To see pictures of their ugly mugs check out The Team section in about us at the top of the page.

Simon Garrity

What a character. Worked as a Divemaster at Big Blue before becoming an SSI and PADI Instructor and is now the worlds most accomplished SSI Instructor Trainer having certified more SSI Instructors than any one individual anywhere else in the world. Recently Simo also became an Instructor Examiner which means he gets to travel the world scaring the bejeezus outta possible instructor candidates! Simo is a natural stand up comedian and can be seen live on stage at Koh Tao’s Comedy Club at weekends & on other nights he hosts all our Divemaster Challenges at Big Blue, dressed in high heels, a wig, fishnet stockings, make up and a short tight dress. Seriously!

Germaine Maguire

Probably Koh Tao's most well-known person! Everyone knows Irish G! If you don't know Irish G then you obviously haven't been to Koh Tao! Long-time Instructor on Koh Tao, G has also done a stint teaching in South America & Australia, you know, for a Crack! Now a full time Instructor here at Big Blue and our only female Mentor in our Divemaster Training Programmes G has certified thousands of students already. She is a PADI & SSI Instructor & when she’s not teaching she is also the owner of Moov! One of Koh Tao's most unique, hippest & funkiest clubs & restaurants. G is an island legend & if you end up being taught by her when you get here then be prepared to pay a little more. We charge extra for diving with celebrities!

Guy Bannister

Guy is one of the islands finest Instructors who was working at one of the islands finest Dive centres but then quit & came & worked for us! Guy is a PADI Master Instructor & an SSI Instructor Trainer, so experienced is he that is the first choice for most of our Interns when they get to shadow one of our Instructors. Might be something to do with his laid back attitude, relaxed demeanour, extreme patience, widespread knowledge & bags of cash! Before being a Dive Instructor & Guy can be, & was, a bit of a Banker, but decided to pack it in just a few days before the financial crisis. Not saying he's the one responsible but I bet he's got a few million quid stashed away in his Dive bag somewhere!

Iain Goodfellow

One of our main pool of PADI and SSI Instructors, but this one is from the Highlands! Iain has been a Big Blue Instructor for about 4 years now and is also one in our team of 6 who train our PADI Divemasters and SSI Divecons & another one in our team of very experienced SSI Instructor Trainers. As the name suggests Iain Goodfellow is a jolly nice chap, and a member of the Las Vegas Mafia. Hailing from a background in social welfare Iain is naturally very chatty & extremely friendly & is one of the most patient & sensible Instructors we have around but you never know with these Scottish Mafia types, it could just be a façade. If I ever wake up with a horse’s head in my bed I’ll let you know!

Nick Bufton

Separated at birth from Sid the Sloth, Nick is one of our fully qualified SSI and PADI Instructors. Trained by another rival dive shop here in Koh Tao and even worked there for some time as a Dive master then an Instructor then as an Instructor training Divemasters! This is exactly what he’s doing now. He has a great track record with his Open Water students who continue with their Advanced Course and is also a very accomplished swimmer and holding the record for our 'Swim for Sharks' charity event we host every year, swimming 3.5 kilometres around the island of Nang Yuan in just 55 minutes to raise money for Shark conservation. Not a bad time for a slow moving mammal that lives in trees!

Ant Silwood

Despite the fact Ant is Welsh we still went ahead & employed him! Must be something about his likeable personality, charm, good looks & our necessity to have someone to pick on! Ant is a PADI & SSI Instructor having been professionally trained by some of the leading Scuba Diving Instructors in the business. I wonder who they were. He is also one of our Divemaster Trainers & having worked as a DM with us for a couple of years already really knows his stuff. Originally a Computer software salesman with an alleged talent at being able to fix computer problems, Ant has on numerous occasions proven this fact to be a complete joke & can't even spell PC let alone fix one! However he is very relaxed, reliable & great eye candy for the ladies!

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