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Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - Celebrating Australia Day Tomorrow With A Shrimp On The Barbie



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25th January 2015


Tomorrow is Australia Day and Big Blue seems to have accumulated quite a few of these flaming galahs! Having to put up with the very strange way that these people speak can be very confusing as they stick an o onto every word and name! Steve-o, John-o, arvo, drongo, smokeo, everything is ripper or too easy and if its not then you're a drongo! They brought us the god awful vegemite, Rolf Harris and Kylie Minogue! Although some of us do quite enjoy a small Singha!!! As custom to the Aussies, our bunch of wallaby lovers will be cooking up some shrimps on the Barbie and enjoying a cold tinny mate! So put on your cork hats, wife beaters, budgie smugglers and thongs, fill up the esky and have a yourself a ripper of a day! AAh yyeeeah!

And here are some more of our Instructors…….

Petra Bauer- Swedish

Petra started her Dive career as a PADI Instructor at another shop here on Koh Tao but soon saw the light & crossed over to do her SSI Instructor Course with South East Asia's leading SSI Instructor Trainer who coincidentally also happens to be working at Big Blue! So impressed were we with her Swedish assets, Petra was employed before she'd even finished her training! And now holds the prestigious honour of having won our Best Instructor award 2 years in succession. Petra is also responsible for organising the islands Swedish Summer Solstice whereby every single Swede comes over to Big Blue dressed up in togas and laurel wreaths to get really drunk & dance around a Maypole. Drunken Swedish girls in bikinis & togas! & you thought people came here for the Diving!

Neil Draycott

He could have been the 6th member of the boy band Take That but producers decided they'd rather have someone who had absolutely no talent what so ever! So he formed his own band instead! Neil has calmed down a lot since reaching the dizzying heights of Rock stardom! Once hailed by NME as the next major British Ska band to hit the big time. A performing music legend at festivals, live gigs & concert halls, scantily clad in his socks Dr. Martens boots, & strategically placed Trumpet, Neil is now an unassuming SSI, PADI & BSAC Instructor and a power boating Instructor as well & with over 6 years’ experience on Koh Tao working in the scuba diving Industry is one of our very best Instructors here at Big Blue & the guy many of our interns aspire to be. Oh no sorry that’s Robbie Williams.

Luke White

Another one of our triple certified Instructors, PADI, SSI & BSAC. Luke comes from a place in England I only thought existed in fairy tales & children’s horror stories- Grimsby! Need I give any other reason as for why Luke finds himself gainfully employed in one of the world’s most amazing locations? Looks like he's just stepped out of a line up for a Sparta movie, Luke is nothing like the scary Barbarian his outward appearance would have you perceive! Calm, funny, relaxed, very easy going Luke has found himself right at home at Big Blue, & having just tied the knot last year is ready to settle down to a life of domestic abuse, physical violence, unpredictable mood swings, enslavement & enforced manual labour. Who’d have thought the similarities between Marriage & Grimsby were so alike!

Ernesto Guijarro Adame- Spanish

When not eating or playing guitars or flamenco dancing, Ernie teaches both SSI & PADI Courses from Open Water all the way thru to Divemaster and won our 2014 Staff Award for Best Dive Staff which is an equivalent victory to say that of winning the PFA Player of the year in World Football. Here is a guy that’s truly loved by everyone. Patient, hardworking, funny, social, enthusiastic, flamboyant, helpful, humourous & warm hearted. He’s like the Antonio Banderas of Scuba Diving, you know if he had more hair & was better looking. So maybe not Antonio Banderas, more like Manuel in Fawlty Towers.


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