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30th January 2015sailrock

I can’t believe it is the end of January already, it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the New Year in! The conditions have cleared up a lot over the past few weeks and we have been able to get out to Sail Rock on our Full Day trips. Sail Rock is probably the best dive site we have in the Gulf of Thailand and we try and get out there as often as we can. The full day trips consist of 3 dives, breakfast, lunch and soft drinks. With huge schools of fish, giant moray eels, macro, and the chance of a passing Whaleshark (sigh) these trips must not be missed while you are in Thailand.

Ever since the documentary Blackfish pulled back the curtain on the lives of captive orcas, SeaWorld has seen some serious backlash. Corporate sponsors such as Hyundai Motor America, Southwest Airlines, and Virgin America have cut ties with the company, many celebrities and condoned the parks actions and have distanced themselves, and attendance is down. The latest people to sever ties with SeaWorld are the Miami Dolphins. Jason Jenkins, Miami Dolphins senior vice president of communications and community affairs, confirmed to that the partnership will end, though he explained it is not an early termination. The contract between the organizations ends in March, and it will not be renewed.

If you have not seen the documentary please have a look and make your own opinion on it, also The Cove is also a very intense film about how dolphins are caught in nets and sold to ‘trainers’, but it is those poor dolphins that do not get picked for be paraded around in aquariums that are needlessly slaughtered instead of being released back into the oceans.

So we introduced you to a few of our instructors the other day, here are a few more:

Denja Steigmeier

Comes from the lucrative world of International Banking, lives on a mountain, stashes dodgy 2nd World War art pieces in her cellar, eats cheese & chocolates, likes snowboarding, yodelling, cuckoo clocks and milking cows! Denja used to work at another dive center here on Koh Tao till we put the word out that we were looking for a hot looking German chick to join the team but as we couldn’t find one had to settle on her. & what a catch! Extremely punctual, very clean and won’t be offended if you can’t say her name right! Another one of our Bikini models Denja is also an experienced SSI and PADI Diving Professional & one of our most popular Instructors having recorded an amazing 50% of her Open Water Students in 2014 stayed on to do their Advanced Course with her. Probably got nothing to do with her teaching, it’s all that Toblerone she gives them!

Sonia Scott

Ex- Great Britain Rugby International & sports physiotherapist, is also our resident Dive Medic & one of our most experienced members of the team. Sonia has worked in Scuba Diving as a Divemaster, a PADI & SSI Instructor, a Dive Medic Technician, a Liveaboard Dive Operations Manager & a Dive Center Manager. She’s certified thousands of novice divers & hundreds of diving professionals. She’s worked for Big Blue Diving in Koh Tao & Big Blue Diving in Khao Lak & she worked at the largest Dive operation on Thailands west coast & also opened their Dive Center in Komodo, Indonesia & is one of the few people in the world who have ever dived across the Equator in complete Open Ocean. … … (sigh) … … … I’ll get my coat.

Ant Edgely

Mini Ant used to be a big shot Architect with many of his fine erections scattered throughout London & was offered a job by one of the UK's largest building firms but turned them down in order to become a Big Blue Diving DMT! Could have been a disastrous decision for Ant but luckily he excelled at his DM Training & went straight on to become an SSI Instructor and was immediately offered a job by another Dive shop on Koh Tao before we told them to bugger off! "He's ours!" Now works as one of our Full Time SSI & PADI Instructor's Ant is still trying to keep his eye in the architectural game & totally designed our Mothership MV Waverunner. A bit of elbow grease here and a bit of imagination there & Ant has gone & created another fine erection!

Matt Waters

Ex Military so exceptionally presentable and will turn up to class punctually and with immaculately clean booties on! Will probably call you sir and end every sentence with the word ‘Rodger’! Matt also worked at a competitive Dive center here on Koh Tao before realizing there’s only 1 shop on Koh Tao really worth working at. When he didn’t get that job he ended up here! A PADI and SSI Instructor Matt is possibly our most recommended Instructor on Trip Advisor. Doesn't mean he's any good. Just means he's on Trip Advisor a lot! Military Matt is an excellent catch for us here at Big Blue, you know just in case we get invaded by ISIS or the Americans!


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