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Saturday 3rd Septmeber 2016

Now, it’s pretty common knowledge my hatred for the selfie stick, especially while diving and I have also confiscated a few in the past but a story in the news caught my eye. A diver from Australia was diving in Tonga and was very lucky to make friends with a pod of humpback whales while snorkelling. He spent 6 hours playing with them and took many pictures but even I think the humpback photo-bombing him is worthy of praise. If any of you can beat this picture please contact us as this one is quite epic!!

It’s going to be like a normal Saturday night tonight, but instead of hen and stag parties we will see the drunken debauchery of our newly qualified Divemaster Trainees. We see 9 new professionals dressed as the stars of Baywatch, no doubt Simo will be dressed as Pamela Anderson and Mama G will be a red floatation device with ears. We welcome Jarryd, Amy, Rich, Clinton, Jen, Angelica, Nicola, Barbara and Simon to the Big Blue Professional family. Enjoy your hangover and day of no diving tomorrow.

The visibility is stunning right now with a lot of our dive sites seeing 30 plus metres. Sail Rock trips are going out nearly every other day and with Whalesharks being seen recently the trips are filling up pretty quick each day. No Humpbacks though sadly!

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