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Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - How to Have an Eco-Friendly Songkran

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Songkran

1. Worried about the evil ingredients in your sunscreen being washed off and damaging the coral? Follow the advice of our uber-fashionable Chinese tourists by simply wearing a skin-tight bodysuit, not only will it protect you from sunburn but you’ll also look like an extra from the Power Rangers, which I believe attracts girls.



2. Don’t want to spend money on cheap plastic water-guns that’ll inevitably break after 5 frigging minutes? Use a real gun instead, and be a big hit with all the revelers on the beach. Also comes in handy when waiting at the bar for drinks.


3. If buying a real gun isn’t an option, why not use a coconut shell to toss water at each other? God will love you more for fully utilizing all of His gifts to us.


4. Worried about the amount of water being wasted? Throw sand instead and bring tears of joy to all in your path.



5. Smokers can ensure their cigarette ends don’t get BLASTED out of their mouths by hilarious aresholes by simply wearing a motorbike helmet back to front when having a cheeky one. You’ll have to have a very small cigarette, obviously, and keep your eyes closed the whole time.


6. Save on paper this Songkran when pooping by simply jumping straight into the nearest pool, and inviting partygoers to shoot off any brown remains that are lurking. May not attract girls as much as these other tips.


7. Make sure the local foliage of Koh Tao is also reaping the benefits of this fun-filled day by carrying around a selection of thirsty potted plants with you.


8. As everyone knows Songkran is not a nice day for our pets, so ensure they don’t miss out on their own little pet version of today by locking them in the bathroom with the shower on, and playing house music from 25 years ago. DISCLAIMER: May not be very water-friendly.




9. It’s really hard writing ten of these

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