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Every so often here on our beautiful little island we get visitors who, for some reason, don’t dive. Such a life-decision is unimaginable to us here at Big Blue, but to pander to the needs of these surface-dwellers we’ve come up with this handy list of our favourite to do on the island when going underwater is not an option:

Explore the Island’s Beaches

If you’re planning a trip to Koh Tao, you’ll definitely want to know more about the island’s beaches. If you want to kayak, paddleboard, kite-surf, meet fellow Thailand backpackers or check out some of the daytime beach clubs then Sairee Beach is the one for you. The largest on Koh Tao and also the busiest, it offers stunning sunsets over a palm-lined beach every day of the year it seems, and usually attracts a younger crowd then the others on the island.

For snorkeling directly from the beach, Tanote Bay, Aow Leuk and Shark bay are all within a 20 minute drive of the pier, and give the chance to see turtles, reef sharks, squid and all sorts of beautiful corals and typical Koh Tao marine life.

More tranquil beaches that we enjoy include the secluded and cosy Sai Daeng Beach (pictured below) in the south of the island  - the drive down to it has incredible views, and we're also big fans of the sunset-facing Sai Nuan beaches for some good old hammock time with a nice cold beer.



Take a Cooking Class

Take your taste buds on an exciting journey through the fantastic flavours and experiences of Thailand! This wonderful country is famous for its deliciously spicy cuisine, comprising of ingredients that can now easily be found in supermarkets around the world meaning it's well worth taking the opportunity to learn how to cook Thai the real way.Great for singles (to impress future partners!) and couples alike, learning how to cook Thai food is a brilliant idea here on Koh Tao, as we have a number of top-class cooks offering their services for very reasonable prices too – expect to pay around 1500 baht per person to learn 3 or 4 dishes. Our favourites are ‘Idjang Kitchen’ and ‘Thai Cooking With Joy’, both located just minutes from Sairee Beach.



The major party places on Koh Tao are all on Sairee Beach, the island’s busiest and most popular stretch of sand. Head either to BND for the most up-to-date tunes, Fishbowl Bar for cheesy party music and beer-pong, or Lotus Bar for similar cheese, but this time dancing right on the beach underneath Sairee’s famous overhanging palm tree. 

For a more chilled, slightly older crowd Fizz on Sairee beach is also worth a look, and also gives the opportunity to rest those weary bones in an oversized beanbag as the sun goes down. After you're regained a little energy it's essential to go visit the Ladyboy Cabaret on Sairee, which may offer up a few surprises!

Young, solo traveler with no-one to party with yet? Then you need to visit the…

Koh Tao Pub Crawl

Everywhere you turn when backpacking Thailand and the rest of South-East Asia there are people wearing a Koh Tao Pub Crawl tank top.  It’s a really popular activity in Koh Tao, especially since the island is small, and all the nightlife happens around the same areas.  It’s fairly inexpensive, and you get a free bucket and tank top.  They start at the legendary Choppers Bar, then off to Lotus Bar Pool, take you to the Ladyboy Cabaret and finish off with live music back at Choppers. It’s almost impossible to leave it without a whole bunch of new mates, and they get everyone to write their name on their arms in permanent marker pen so you know who you’ve woken up with the next morning.

It runs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and is not for the faint-hearted.

Hiking & Viewpoints

A great activity to have on your list of things to do on Koh Tao is hiking. Koh Tao has some amazing hikes to viewpoints with panoramic views, most of which are within an hour or so of your starting point – the beauty of being on such a small island!

As not many people decide to check out our hiking trails and viewpoints, more often than not you’ll have them all to yourself – our favourites are the walk to ‘John Suwan’ viewpoint (which offers a perfect panoramic view of the whole of Chalok Baan Kao and Shark Bay at the same time) and the ‘Two View’ viewpoint, Koh Tao’s highest peak which can be reached from Tanote Bay in under an hour.  We also love the 90 minute trek from Sairee Beach to the abandoned resort at Laem Thian, which has excellent snorkeling and is usually completely deserted if you head there in the morning before the sun gets too high in the sky!


 john suwan

Koh Nang Yuan

Located just 20 minutes by boat from Koh Tao is Koh Nang Yuan, three islands connected by a sand bar – said to be the only one of its kind in the world! Usually featured in all of your guidebooks and a must-see for all visitors to Koh Tao, it’s surrounded by shallow aquamarine waters, white sand, lovely snorkelling and the world class viewpoint - this place will set you up for a perfect day of relaxing and enjoying all the natural beauty that Thailand has in abundance.

Best visited in the early morning before the lazy, or after 2pm when the crowds of visitors from Koh Samui and Koh Phangan start to disperse, a 300 baht boat ride will show you exactly why Nang Yuan continues to be rated as one of the essential trips to take whilst holidaying here on Koh Tao – the viewpoint alone is worth the cost of getting there.

koh nang yuan 0

However you choose to spend your time here on Koh Tao, you can be sure that you're going to have the time of your life and make memories to last a lifetime - just remember to bring your camera and expect to stay here a little longer than planned!

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