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Hold your breath! 


Discover Freediving is your chance to get wet and experience what freediving is all about. Signing up for a Freediving Basic course is a great way to decide whether getting a freediving certification is right for you. You will learn the same skills as on the level 1 but without experiencing depth.

Duration: 1 day

Price: 3,500 Baht

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SSI Freediving Level 1

Start freediving!

The SSI Level 1 Freediving course is an introductory course with no previous experience required. In this course you learn the appropriate skills and knowledge to dive safely to depths up to 20 metres. The course includes theory sessions about freediving breathing techniques for before and after diving, a dry breath hold, relaxation, physiology and safety procedures. A pool session will include dynamic apnea (horizontal UW swimming) and depth where you will progressively learn about technique including adequate finning, body positioning and being more streamlined. The following day you go out on the boat and practice pull down and duck dive descents, equalising techniques and see how far you can go.


Duration: 2 days

Price: 6,000 Baht

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SSI Freediving Level 2

The SSI Level 2 Freediving course is the Intermediate freediving course where the student will be introduced to further concepts for deeper freediving such as freefalling and new equalization techniques. These will improve your relaxation and conserve oxygen that consequently will help you go even deeper. The theory will give you a greater understanding of the natural changes that occur in your body when you dive called Mamalian Dive Reflex that helps you become more aquatic and how to trigger this changes faster to help you stay longer and go even deeper. You will also have a full body and specific thoracic stretching session where you will learn to improve your chest flexibility and therefore make a better use of your capacity. All these new skills will help you go over 30 meters in a relaxed, efficient and safe manner. Together with depth training you will have the opportunity to try breath holds in the water (static apnea) and continue with dynamic apnea to improve your finning and efficiency underwater.


Duration: 3 days

Price: 7,000 Baht

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