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Dive Sites

SailrockA single rock that protrudes from the water between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, Big Blue in Koh Tao visits Sail Rock less often than the other sites, but the dive is well worth the trip. The most noticeable feature of the dive is "the chimney" - a vertical tunnel in the rock that leads you from 18m to 8m, but the entire site (from the surface to 45m) is full of points of interest. The rock is riddled with small holes which makes a perfect habitat for white eyed and yellow margin moray eels, and the large anemones that cover it are filled with anemone fish and shrimp.

Whale sharks can be seen in the winter months here as well, and keep an eye out for other large pelagics. Octopus camouflage themselves so exactly to match the covering of the rock that you may miss them completely, but keep your eyes peeled - they are there.