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How to get to Khao Lak

From BangkokBKK-to-khao-lak

Bus from Bangkok to Khao Lak is relatively punctual and inexpensive. There are ordinary and air-conditioned buses.  Food and beverages are served on the air-conditioned buses.  Buses also make scheduled stops at local restuarants for about half an hour, to fill your stomach and take a short break.

From the Southern Bus Terminal to Khao Lak everyday
Bangkok Office: +(662) 435-1199, +(662) 434-7192
Phuket Central Tour: +(662) 435-5016, +(662) 435-7428
Liknite Tour: +(662) 435-5018-9


From PhuketPhuket-to-Khao Lak

Most of foreign travellers prefer to drop at Phuket and taking a private transfer to Khao Lak.  This tranquil beach nestled on the beautiful waters of the Andaman can be reached by air, by bus, by car or by train.  A flight to Phuket Airport, followed by a road trip of a further 80 kms to Takuapa town and within an hour you will be in Khao Lak.  Most of resorts have arrange those private transfer for you.  In case you don't have: Island Tour Co., Ltd at Phuket: is one we recommend.


From Overseasoversees-to-Khao-lak

Many airlines now fly directly to Phuket from several countries, a stopover a day in Bangkok is unnecessary.  However, in case of departure from Bangkok, you may catch a domestic flight by Thai Airways which fly daily to Phuket.

Thai Airways- Bangkok to Phuket:

  • HQ: +(662)513-0121
  • Donmuang: +(662)535-2081-2
  • Phuket: +(6676)25-8237

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