About UsWhy Big Blue Diving?

Dive into the Extraordinary 

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking underwater wonderland of Koh Tao, where vibrant coral reefs, majestic sea turtles, and an array of exotic marine life await to captivate your senses and unveil the beauty that lies beneath the surface.

Top 10 Reasons why you should choose Big Blue to dive with.

  1. Location! Location! Location!- in the heart of Sairee Beach.
  2. Reputation- 2nd dive shop on the island and over 30 years in business and still receiving 5 Star reviews every day.
  3. Boats- 2 large purpose built spacious dive boats and 1 smaller dedicated Tech Diving boat and 2 shuttle boats to transfer diver’s directly from the beach to the dive boat, and back.
  4. Facilities- a Divers pool, Retail shop, customer kit room, air con and al fresco classrooms, Big Blue Bar, New Heaven Cafe, Fizz Beach Lounge and onsite accommodation at Silver Sand Resort.
  5. 2 1/2 day Open Water Course- Day 1: 9-4pm Day 2: 9-5:30pm Day 3: 6:30-12;30pm
  6. Equipment & Safety- Serviced and well maintained equipment,
  7. Team- Experienced, knowledgeable, professional, friendly and environmentally passionate,
  8. Dive site Diversity- Upto a choice of 12 dive sites daily, including Sail Rock and night dives.
  9. Basic Diver Course- the best Try Dive option on the island by doing skills in the pool maximizing dive time in the sea.
  10. Pro, Tech & Eco Departments- Learn more. Go deeper, explore wrecks, become a Dive pro or learn about the underwater world with our in House Marine Biologist.

Pioneers in the Dive Industry.

With over three decades of experience, Big Blue Diving Koh Tao stands as a pioneer in the industry, setting the bar for exceptional diver education, service and adventures. Our dedicated team of highly qualified Instructors and Divemasters hold extensive knowledge of the local marine ecosystem, providing you with unparalleled guidance and a comprehensive understanding of the underwater world.

Safety and Standards.

Your safety is our utmost priority. Big Blue Diving Koh Tao strictly adheres to internationally recognized safety standards, ensuring you dive with peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art equipment, meticulously maintained dive boats, and rigorous safety protocols ensure a secure and worry-free diving experience, allowing you to fully focus on the wonders that await beneath the surface.

Diving on Koh Tao

Prepare to be awe-inspired as you embark on unforgettable diving adventures in the pristine waters of Koh Tao. Explore world-renowned dive sites, such as Chumphon Pinnacle, Sail Rock, and Shark Island, where you’ll encounter vibrant coral gardens, graceful whale sharks, playful turtles, and an abundance of tropical fish species. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, our diverse range of dive courses and fun dives cater to all skill levels, ensuring an exhilarating and personalized adventure for everyone.

Marine Conservation

Big Blue Diving Koh Tao is committed to marine conservation and sustainable diving practices. We actively participate in coral restoration initiatives, beach clean-ups, and educational programs to preserve and protect the marine ecosystem for future generations. By diving with us, you contribute to these conservation efforts, becoming a part of the global movement to safeguard our oceans.

A Community

When you choose Big Blue Diving Koh Tao, you become part of a vibrant and welcoming diving community of Big Blue members around the world. Our friendly and inclusive atmosphere fosters lasting friendships and shared experiences, creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie among divers from all walks of life. Our dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that you feel valued and supported throughout your diving journey.

Choose the Best

Dive with Big Blue Diving Koh Tao and unlock the secrets of Scuba Diving Koh Tao. Experience world-class expertise, unwavering safety standards, unforgettable underwater encounters, environmental stewardship, and a thriving diving community. Join us in embracing the magic of the ocean as we dive into the extraordinary together!

One OF Koh Tao’s most popular Dive Centers

Our exceptional dive center combines expertise, safety, and unforgettable experiences, making us the ideal choice for your scuba diving journey.

Our Boats

As one of the only dive schools on Koh Tao with more than one boat, we can accommodate everyone.

We can take you to the sites you want to dive, the ones that are perfect for your skill level and what you’re hoping to see.

Our CrewThe best dive team that Koh Tao has to offer.

Our team of experienced and qualified Instructors and Divemasters are skilled in teaching diving techniques, ensuring a fun, safe and educational experience for all our students, over a wide range of courses suitable for beginners and advanced divers, catering to various levels of experience and interests including courses for recreational diving, specialty diving, technical diving, and more.

Meet the Team at Big Blue Diving

Jim Donaldson


Jim is a legendary and iconic figure in the Dive Industry, known for his suave demeanor, impeccable style, and unparalleled skill as the Dive... View

Dive Operations Manager

Sam Parrish

General Manager

Despite his dreams of becoming a professional football player not materializing at pretty much the age most footballers hang up their boots, Sam went... View

diver in pool with scuba unit

Tim Morrish

Big Blue Pro Manager/ SSI Instructor Trainer

Nearing 20 years in the dive industry, Tim is one of the most experienced Dive professionals on the island having worked in scuba diving... View

Andy Campbell

Big Blue Tech Manager / TDI Instructor Trainer / SSI Tech Instructor Trainer

Andy is our Big Blue Tech Manager and the proud recipient of the prestigious award for most SDI and TDI certifications in Southeast Asia... View

Fiona Ann

Big Blue Pro Mentor/ TDI Tech Instructor/ PADI Instructor/ SSI Instructor

Fiona has been with us for over 10 years flittering in between her very important job in the ‘real world’ and her Peter Pan... View

Daniel Tighe

Head SSI Instructor View
waving from a boat

Ainsley Henderson

SSI Instructor

Originally from the depths of south-east ‘Murica, Ainsley spent the 4 years before Covid working as a primary school teacher in Bangkok, before a... View

Martin Lindkvist

SSI Instructor

Meet Martin, one of our main Scandanavian Instructors, which is handy as that’s where he comes from!  A figure of: the embodiment of Swedish... View

Alvaro Ramos Tomas

SSI Instructor

Coming from the untamed lands of Spain, Álvaro is our youngest instructor. But don’t let that fool you, he has over 5 years of... View

Ste Kelly

SSI Instructor

Ste Kelly comes all the way from Liverpool, but judging by his long, flowing hair, you’d think he stepped out of Woodstock. Ste showed... View

Like the photos we’ve used on our website?  Almost all of them were taken by underwater photographers trained right here at Big Blue Diving.  Get in touch to have a chat about our underwater photography and videography courses and internships.