Divemaster with Technical Diving
Professional training with a twist

Divemaster with Technical Diving

105,000 ฿

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  • Duration

    8 -10 weeks

  • Unlimited

    Epic diving

  • Extras



  • Prerequisites

    Rescue Diver

    Valid CPR/First Aid

    40+ logged dives

Technical diving has become quite popular over the last few years. Many of our DMT’s decide to spend some of their free time learning how to dive with multi-tank gear configurations, how to dive on different enriched air nitrox mixes, and how to execute decompression dives. So Big Blue Diving now offers a Divemaster program with a tech focus.

Our Divemaster program is one of our most popular training options and people come from all over the world to do their professional training with us. Our winning combination of academic training, skills training and real-life dive centre experience means that Big Blue Divemasters are some of the best-trained professionals you can find.

The Divemaster program takes roughly 4-6 weeks to complete but we will not rush you through it. If you have more time to spend on Koh Tao you can take as long as you’d like to complete the course. And if you have more time, why not combine your DMT program with a completely different type of diving?

In the DMT technical diving program, you’ll go through our Divemaster program with all our other Divemaster candidates according to our usual course schedule. You can find a full write-up of our DMT course here.

The technical diving component of the DMT Tech program consists of these three courses:

The scheduling of the technical diving courses during your Divemaster program is completely up to you. You’ll work with Big Blue Tech to work these courses into your schedule of course assists, DMT training dives and classroom work.

Why should you choose Big Blue Tech?

It’s simple. We’re the best at Tech. We’re the longest-established technical diving centre in Thailand. And our Big Blue Tech Manager has had the most SDI and TDI certifications in Southeast Asia for the past 3 years running.

What does this package include for the price?

The Divemaster with technical diving package includes the cost of the Divemaster Program and materials, Technical Sidemount, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, all equipment, and unlimited fun diving for the duration of your program.

Divers with regular bungee cords set up for technical diving

What comes next?

Now that you’re a fully trained diving professional with a big start in tech diving, what should you do next?

Don’t forget! Because of the extra nitrogen your body builds up while scuba diving, you cannot fly within 24hrs of your last dive.

Are you fit to dive?

Scuba diving is an activity that requires a certain level of physical health. Read this medical questionnaire. If you can answer yes to any of the questions you may require medical clearance to enrol in a diving course. Contact us for more information.

OK, sounds great, how do I book?

Just hit the button, or if you have questions, we're here to help- quickest way to contact us is using the Facebook button at the bottom :)

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