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Scuba diving is a sport where accidents can happen. Frequent divers and those divers looking to move onto professional level training need to be trained in first aid and how to deal with out of water emergencies. The React Right program is designed to train first aid providers to keep control during an emergency situation until medical professionals arrive.

The React Right course focuses on assessment, stabilization, first aid techniques, and use of emergency O2. You’ll learn how to assess the victim and the surrounding scene before providing help, how to stabilize the victim and provide CPR when necessary, and how to use basic first aid techniques to deal with non-lethal injuries. Since injuries in scuba diving are usually related to gases absorbed by the body, the O2 provider component will teach you how to administer 100% oxygen as an immediate response, and how to recognize and use different oxygen tank valves and mask types.

You do not need any prior diving experience to enroll in this course. Because it trains you to deal with a variety of basic on-land first aid situations, the React Right program is not a ‘divers only’ course.

After completing the course, you are no longer just a person in the crowd in an emergency situation. You are now trained to help, in a calm and effective manner until emergency services arrive on the scene.

A React Right classroom session focusing on CPR and giving rescue breaths

Here’s what the React Right course will look like.


You’ll meet with your instructor in the Dive Center to fill out some paperwork and have a chat about how the day will flow.


You’ll be upstairs in class for the morning where you’ll learn the academics behind first aid assistance and watch some practical demonstrations. It’s during this morning session that you’ll learn how to assess the scene of an accident, assess a victim or victims, stabilize victims, and how to manage their airways.


Time for a healthy lunch!


After lunch, you’ll start learning the practical side of first aid response. Your instructor will show you the proper way to perform CPR on a victim and with the aid of some volunteers, will simulate some emergency situations for you to react to.


The last part of the course is the optional Oxygen Provider component (a prerequisite for the Rescue course and Divemaster training). You’ll learn when oxygen should be provided to a victim, how to set up an oxygen tank and oxygen delivery systems, and how to gauge how much oxygen should be administered to the victim.


The last thing you do on your React Right training day is to take the course exam. Once you pass the exam, you’ll earn your React Right certification for the administration of basic first aid (and use emergency oxygen, if applicable).

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