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Intro to Tech

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  • Days


  • Bottom time

    240 mins

  • Max Depth


  • Prerequisites

    15 years old
    Advanced certification
    25 logged dives

The TDI Intro to Tech course if the first step towards becoming a technical diver. The course will introduce you to in-depth dive planning, advanced buoyancy control, gas management, situational awareness, proper trim, and gear configurations. It will give you the opportunity to become a more proficient diver and expand on diver skills and knowledge.

The Intro to Tech course is a foundation course that introduces you to the equipment and techniques that technical divers use, like having two tanks on your back, and gives you a framework to build from as you progress through other technical diving courses.

Even if you don’t think you want to become a fully qualified technical diver, this course is still very worthwhile. It will help you improve your buoyancy and positioning in the water when you’re diving on a single tank. If you’re undertaking your Divemaster training, completing the Intro to Tech course during or after your training will really add to your skillset as a professional diver.

The Intro to Tech course takes 2 days to complete. You’ll do three open water dives as part of the course with the option to add one more dive after you’ve earned your qualification. The maximum dive depth during the course is 23m. Your max depth for diving in a twinset after the course is your current certification limit.

This course is strictly a no-decompression course. Students can use Enriched Air Nitrox mixes, provided the gas mix is within their current level of certification.

You must be at least 18 years old, an Open Water Diver, and have a minimum of 25 logged dives to register for the Intro to Tech course.

Big Blue Tech will provide all equipment and materials necessary to complete the course.

This Intro to Tech course focuses on the following fundamentals:

  • Learning how to control and improve your buoyancy
  • Achieving and maintaining good body positioning
  • Improving your awareness before, during, and after a dive
  • Gaining an understanding of how the equipment works and how to use it properly during a dive
  • Managing the gas you are carrying to get the most out of your dive
  • Learning a variety of skills essential to becoming a technical diver
  • Effective deployment of a DSMB
  • Ascent procedures

Intro to Tech divers with twin tanks and a pony bottle

Don’t forget! Because of the extra nitrogen your body builds up while scuba diving, you cannot fly within 24hrs of your last dive.

Are you fit to dive?

Scuba diving is an activity that requires a certain level of physical health. Read this medical questionnaire. If you can answer yes to any of the questions you may require medical clearance to enrol in a diving course. Contact us for more information.

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