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The Real Jewels of Koh Tao are Below The Surface Koh Tao Marine Life


Whale Shark

The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea and can grow to an impressive size. The largest one on record was an amazing 18.8 meters (62ft). If that whale shark were to hover vertically in the water you’d need an advanced certification to dive all the way...


Titan Triggerfish

Titan triggerfish are the things of diving legends. They’re deceptively goofy looking and surprisingly aggressive. Which is why most divers have either their own story of an attacking triggerfish or know someone who’s been attacked. These fish have been known to actually bite off ears – super...


White Eyed Moray Eel

The White-eyed moray eel is a medium-sized fish that’s most commonly around 40cm in length. It looks like a fat snake and its body is speckled with small dark spots on a beige background. The head is usually completely grey with distinctive white eyes.  This type...


Great Barracuda

The great barracuda is a large, predatory fish found in subtropical oceans all over the planet. It is a common species of barracuda and usually the type that is associated with the entire family of fish. They live in a variety of areas with a lower depth...


Pickhandle Barracuda

Barracuda are known as the tigers of the sea and they live up to their reputation. Like all barracuda, the Pickhandle barracuda is a voracious predator with impressive hunting skills. Pickhandle barracuda have long, narrow, torpedo-shaped bodies, perfectly built for acceleration and speed. Their lower jaws...


Chevron Barracuda

Chevron barracuda are common around Koh Tao and can be seen at many of our local dive sites. In terms of size, Chevron’s are larger than Pickhandle barracuda but smaller than Great barracuda. In a way, they look like a combination of the Pickhandle and the Great;...


Common Lionfish

The common lionfish is a species of ray-finned fish found in the Indo-Pacific region. The scientific name comes from the Greek word ‘pteron’, meaning “wing”, and the Latin word ‘miles’, meaning “soldier”. Common lionfish can grow to be fairly large, up to 14 inches in...


Starry Puffer

The Starry puffer is a strange looking fish. Its body is oval in shape and fairly elongated. Rather than having scales as we usually see with fish, the Starry puffer has skin that is prickly to the touch. The head is large with a short snout with...


Black-blotched Porcupinefish

The Black-blotched porcupinefish is the only fish you’ll encounter on a dive around Koh Tao that will actually smile at you! The Black-blotched porcupinefish is found in the tropical and subtropical water of the Indo-Pacific region on coral and rocky reefs, and inshore waters. It’s a...