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Divemaster Training

40,000 ฿

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  • Duration

    6-8 weeks

  • Unlimited

    Fun Diving throughout the duration of your DMT

  • Includes

    Course materials & 1 year SSI fees

  • Prerequisites

    Rescue Diver, Valid CPR & First Aid, 40+ logged dives

Can’t get scuba diving out of your head while you’re at work in the real world? Maybe it’s time to turn work into something you love doing! The Divemaster course will take you from being a recreational scuba diver to a fully employable scuba diving professional.

In addition to guiding certified divers, Divemasters can assist on courses, work on dive boats and at dive resorts and teach snorkelling courses. On completion of the course you will be a fully active and paid up SSI Divemaster ready to work and earn money doing something you love.

We recommend that you allow a minimum of six to eight weeks to complete your Divemaster course in order to get the full benefit of your education. All our full time divemasters at Big Blue have graduated from our Divemaster program, we are fully committed to supporting our graduates in obtaining work within the industry.

Our Divemasters in training are guided and supported by instructor mentors Tim Morrish and Fiona Ann who are always available to provide additional assistance, give you some one-on-one coaching, help you work through issues you may be having and to organize social events.

To enrol in a Divemaster program you must be certified in rescue techniques and have a recognized First Aid and CPR certification (such as the Emergency First Response course or the React Right course) issued within the last two years. At Big Blue we can assist in obtaining the qualifications above.  All Divemasters in training need to have 40 logged dives to begin the course but do not worry if your experience isn’t quite there yet. You will dive with experienced DMT’s existing Divemasters / Instructors for free whilst you build up your dive log to officially commence the course.

Big Blue Diving will provide all diving equipment required for the duration of the course with the exception of dive computer, DSMB, knife, compass and whistle. These items are required by SSI to participate in the divemaster program. It is also advantageous to own your own torch (required for night diving) and slate (very helpful whilst learning dive sites). All items can be purchased via Big Blue where a 15% professional discount will be applied to all dive equipment purchased.

Finally we are one of the very few dive schools on Koh Tao with an active Technical Diving Department (indeed we also offer Technical Divemaster programs). If you wish to explore Sidemount, Twinsets or Decompression diving Divemaster discounted courses are available, these discounts would also apply to recreational programs e.g. Deep, Wreck, Enriched Air (Nitrox), Solo, DPV to name a few. We also include Tech days specifically for our DMT’s to experience the world of tech with the team at Big Blue Tech

Why do your Divemaster Training with Big Blue?

  1. Expertise and Reputation: With over a decade of experience, we are renowned for our exceptional divemaster training and high standards in the diving industry.
  2. Professional Team: Our skilled and dedicated instructors are not only passionate about diving, but also committed to providing comprehensive training that prepares you for a successful career in diving.
  3. World-Class Facilities: Enjoy access to state-of-the-art facilities, modern equipment, and comfortable accommodation options during your training with us.
  4. Hands-On Experience: We offer extensive practical training sessions, ensuring you gain real-world experience that sets you apart as a confident and capable divemaster.
  5. Small Group Sizes: Our small class sizes guarantee personalized attention, fostering a supportive learning environment and allowing you to progress at your own pace.
  6. Variety of Dive Sites: Koh Tao boasts an array of captivating dive sites, and as part of our training, you’ll explore diverse underwater ecosystems while honing your skills.
  7. Environmental Responsibility: We are committed to sustainable diving practices and marine conservation, instilling in you a deep sense of responsibility towards protecting our oceans.
  8. Networking Opportunities: Join our community of divers and professionals, opening doors to potential job placements and connections in the diving industry worldwide.

About the Divemaster course

The SSI Divemaster course consists of Dive Guide which prepares you to lead certified divers in a professional setting and Science of Diving which will expands your understanding of the theories behind diving.

Many practical workshops are conducted including Deep, Navigation, Night, Guiding and Briefing along with Buoyancy, Skills Circuits and Stress and Rescue including Missing Divers. You will also become a snorkeling Instructor.

Lectures are conducted on Physics, Decompression Theory, Physiology, Ecology and Equipment along with Dive Shop Management, Retail Sales and Marketing.

We strongly believe that to gain a wide range of experience you need to shadow a wide range of instructors, divemasters and courses. Therefore over and above course requirements, when you are not attending scheduled sessions, you will be following existing Divemasters, assisting instructors on all diving courses from Basic Diver through to Rescue and guiding and briefing on the boats with your fellow DMT’s.

We conduct a rolling academic program hence you can start your Divemaster course at any time.

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