Stuck at home and can’t go diving?Online Scuba Training

Online SCUBA Training With SSI

Always wanted to get your Open Water certification? Were you supposed to be at a dive school doing some training right now? Well luckily, SSI offers the ability to complete the academic portions of its courses through online scuba training. Why sit around at home and spend all your time on Netflix? Sign up for some online scuba training today!

Remote registration and personal devices – All SSI Programs can be sold and registered over the phone or online and done on your phone, tablet or computer. The academics can be taken at home as online scuba training, and the in-water training can be conducted at a later date.

Great flexibility – Learn on the go wherever you are and anywhere in the world. Do your studying from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. In this time of social distancing, stay connected digitally. Your SSI Training Center is still here to help you get started with your online scuba training. Call or email them with any questions you may have.

24/7 Access – Your classroom is open 24/7. Access your favourite training program on your desktop, tablet or smartphone in 40+ languages. You can even download your online scuba training materials to your mobile device using the MySSI App and access the program offline anywhere, anytime.

High-quality materials – SSI pioneered the digital revolution and still the market leader today. And it doesn’t stop there! As new training methods and diving evolves, we are staying in front of the technology curve. We are making sure you have access to the most modern and state-of-the-art training materials available in the industry today.

How to Get Started

Head to the SSI website and sign up for an account with SSI. When you register, make sure you affiliate yourself with Big Blue Diving for your online scuba training course! Our Training Center number is 766075.

Download the MySSI App for your mobile device.

Locate the course you’d like to tackle, download the course files to your phone, and get started!

Once you’ve completed the academics, the diving portions of the course can be completed at a later date at any SSI affiliated training centre.

Professional Upgrades

If you’re already an SSI Divemaster or higher you can register for your free upgrade package and become an SSI Marine Ecology Specialty Instructor. Improve your knowledge and skills, and income potential by adding more valuable qualifications to your resume!

The Upgrade Package is available through self-registration now. Log in to your MySSI profile, scroll to the bottom of the login page, and click the free upgrade button.

Complete the Digital Kit for the chosen SSI Professional Program – This material introduces you to academics you need to know specifically for the program.

Review the Training Standards – The SSI Training Standards must be known and adhered to by all SSI Professionals as they build the foundation for quality training.

Browse various SSI Programs – SSI Professionals have access to all student materials plus access to all instructor materials for all online scuba training programs. Use this chance to explore the variety of SSI programs and enhance your training experience.