meet the Team

Introducing you to our Dive Guides …

“The Big Blue Crew are some of the most professional Dive operators on Koh Tao.”

– Simon Garrity, SSI Instructor Examiner-

Our team of experienced and qualified SSI Instructors and Divemasters are skilled in teaching diving techniques, ensuring a fun, safe and educational experience for all our students, over a wide range of courses suitable for beginners and advanced divers, catering to various levels of experience and interests including courses for recreational diving, specialty diving, technical diving, and more.

So, now we’ve hyped them up, let’s go meet the team!

Jim Donaldson – The Big Cheese

checking dive equipmentJim is responsible for pretty much all the content on our website… He is a legendary and iconic figure in the Dive Industry, known for his suave demeanor, impeccable style, and unparalleled skill as the guy who sits in the back corner of the office. Having lived on Koh Tao forever he embodies the epitome of sophistication and danger, captivating customers for decades with his thrilling tales of life on ‘the Rock’ . Bald, handsome, and impeccably groomed, Jim is a New Zealander, who exudes that unique blend of charisma, wit, and unwavering confidence. His perfectly tailored denim shorts, often accompanied by a sleek polo shirt, and 5 year old jandals, epitomize his refined taste and attention to detail. Married with children, who live on Koh Samui, Jim commutes from one tropical island to the other every weekend, with a seasickness bag in tow. With his enduring appeal and iconic status, Jim continues to captivate audiences around the world with his creative imagination when writing about himself on his own website!

Andy Campbell – TDI and SSI Tech Instructor Trainer

a happy tech diverAndy is our Big Blue Tech Manager and the proud recipient of the prestigious award for most SDI and TDI certifications in Southeast Asia for the past 7 years running. Andy has been at Big Blue Diving for almost 20 years, working as both a divemaster and instructor, before really focusing on Tech Diving and then eventually taking over the show and becoming the Manager of Big Blue Tech. So respected is he in the world of Tech diving that he is also a member of a dive rescue community and gets called upon for rescue assistance in times of crisis around Thailand. With knowledge of hidden wrecks and sites too deep for recreational diving, if becoming a tech diver is something you might be interested in then there simply isn’t a better tech mentor instructor with who to learn from. So passionate about Tech diving is Andy, that in 2023, he achieved an awe inspiring accomplishment by celebrating his wedding Anniversary in the Philippines, at 100 meters below the surface with his wife in hand. A true romanTech!

Fiona Anne – PADI /SSI/ SDI/ TDI Instructor 

diver offering their alternative regulatorLike a cross between Mary Poppins, Indiana Jones and Sigourney Weaver’s character in Alien, Fiona has been with us for over 10 years fluttering in between her very important job in the ‘real world’ and her Sigourney Weaver actionpacked life as a Dive Instructor. She has more than commanded her respect as one of Koh Tao’s most experienced Instructors racking up her Instructor ratings from as many agencies as there are letters in the alphabet! Having worked in various locations around the world, she became our chief PADI Instructor at Big Blue. She also became an SSI Instructor, and an SDI Instructor as well as a very experienced Tech Diving Instructor with TDI so she is definitely more than qualified as one of our Mentors for our Divemasters in Training at Big Blue Pro. But undoubtedly her crowning achievement is dropping down to 100 meters below the surface… battling Aliens with an umbrella, and a whip!

Dan Tighe – SSI Instructor

smiling man at seaMeet Dan, the unlikely hero of the corporate world turned scuba-diving Instructor and beachside bar owner. Dan is literally living most people’s idea of the perfect life! Once your typical Project Manager, Dan had an epiphany, and bid farewell to the corporate world and made his way to the pristine beaches of Thailand, where an encounter with scuba diving would change his life forever. Armed with his management skills and a slightly questionable taste in speedos, Dan decided to become a professional dive instructor with PADI, SSI and NAUI. Dan has an infectious enthusiasm and a knack for making people feel at ease, which makes him a favorite instructor of every scuba diving newbie. During Covid, Dan had a vision of creating the perfect bar on the beach where locals could hang out. It quickly became the go-to spot for locals and sun-soaked tourists alike once Covid was over. Dan is our Head Instructor at Big Blue trading in his suit and tie for his bikini, and his shiny shoes for an imitation pair of Havaianas. He is living proof that sometimes the most unexpected detours can lead us to the greatest adventures but just be prepared to never look at computer analysts the same way again.

Martin Lindquist 🇸🇪 – SSI Instructor

Meet Martin, one of our main Scandanavian Instructors, which is handy as that’s where he comes from!  A figure of: the embodiment of Swedish charm and rugged Adonis-like features. His Mane of auburn locks cascading effortlessly like a waterfall of spun silk, framing a face chiseled by the gods themselves. As an SSI Diving Instructor, he is a seasoned maestro of the underwater realm. For five or six years, he has called Big Blue his home, a sanctuary where he imparts not just knowledge, but a profound love for the ocean to all who are fortunate enough to be under his tutelage. Yet, Martin’s passions do not end with the aquatic world. When he’s not donning his scuba gear and exploring the underwater wonders, he can often be found on the mats, engaged in the ancient art of jujitsu. There, amidst the grunts and shuffles of grown men testing their mettle, Martin moves with a fluidity and precision of a wriggly worm! Perhaps what truly sets Martin apart is the adoration he commands from his students. To them, he is not just an instructor, but a mentor, a friend, and a guide. Many have journeyed from novice divers to seasoned adventurers under his watchful eye, their loyalty and trust a testament to his Nordic allure, aquatic prowess and his wriggly worm!