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Open Water to Divemaster

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Have you ever been on vacation in a tropical paradise, seen people who work outside in the ocean all day long, and wondered how people even get those kinds of jobs?  It can seem overwhelming, but sidestepping into a new career that will get you out of an office and into the ocean isn’t as hard people think to work your way up from Open Water to Divemaster.

Our Open Water to Divemaster package contains everything you need to start a new life as a scuba diving professional.  For one low price, you’ll get all the courses you’re required to complete to become a divemaster, all the required materials, and unlimited diving the entire time you’re in training with us.

There are no prerequisites to book the Open Water to Divemaster package, except for the drive to change your life.  Although you can complete everything within two months if you can spend more time we highly suggest it.  We’ll never rush you because the more you dive, the more practice you get, the better dive professional you’ll be.

Students on our Open Water to Divemaster package play games on their advanced diving course
Underwater games on the Advanced Adventurer Course.
Open Water to Divemaster students with one of their pro level mentors
Divemasters in Training with their Big Blue Instructor Mentor.

Our Open Water to Divemaster Package includes

Don’t forget! Because of the extra nitrogen your body builds up while scuba diving, you cannot fly within 24hrs of your last dive.

What’s next?

Having completed your Divemaster Course you are now a qualified Diving Professional and can enrol in your Instructor Training Course.

Are you fit to dive?

Scuba diving is an activity that requires a certain level of physical health. Read this medical questionnaire. If you can answer yes to any of the questions you may require medical clearance to enrol in a diving course. Contact us for more information.

OK, sounds great, how do I book?

Just hit the button, or if you have questions, we're here to help- quickest way to contact us is using the Facebook button at the bottom :)

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