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Dive into a world of purposeful exploration with Big Blue Diving’s Marine Conservation Packages. Immerse yourself in breathtaking underwater environments while actively contributing to the preservation of marine ecosystems. Experience the joy of making a positive impact as you dive, learn, and protect the ocean’s precious treasures on Koh Tao.

Our marine conservation courses

Your Conservation Diving Training

Big Blue Diving on Koh Tao offers a trio of captivating courses that allow divers to deepen their understanding of the marine world while contributing to vital conservation efforts.

The Coral Identification course is a window into the diverse and delicate coral ecosystems. Led by knowledgeable instructors, participants learn to identify different coral species, understand their roles in the marine ecosystem, and recognise signs of coral health and stress. Armed with this knowledge, divers can actively participate in coral conservation initiatives and spread awareness about the importance of protecting these crucial habitats.

The Fish Identification course introduces divers to the incredible diversity of marine life found around Koh Tao. Through interactive sessions, divers learn to identify various fish species, understand their behaviors, and grasp their ecological significance. Armed with this newfound expertise, divers can contribute valuable data to ongoing research projects and make informed choices to support sustainable marine practices.

For those seeking to make a real impact in marine conservation, the Research Diver course provides an opportunity to actively participate in scientific data collection and marine research initiatives. Divers learn essential research techniques, such as survey methodologies and data recording, and work alongside marine biologists on real conservation projects. This hands-on experience enables divers to become ambassadors for marine conservation, using their skills to promote sustainable practices and protect the ocean’s biodiversity.

By offering these comprehensive courses, Big Blue Diving not only enriches the diving experience but also empowers divers to become stewards of the sea. Embrace the opportunity to make a positive difference, expand your knowledge, and connect with the awe-inspiring marine life of Koh Tao while actively contributing to the preservation of our ocean’s invaluable ecosystems.