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Ready to take your passion for diving to the next level? Big Blue Diving on Koh Tao has got you covered! Get certified as an SSI instructor or divemaster with their awesome training programs. Dive into a world of adventure while learning to lead others on their own epic underwater explorations.

Our dive professional SSI training courses

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40,000 ฿

Pro Courses
6-8 weeks Duration Fun Diving throughout the duration of your DMT Unlimited Course materials & 1 year SSI fees Includes

A student learns how to teach an Open Water course during his SCUBA instructor training at Big Blue Diving.

Instructor Training

75,000 ฿

Pro Courses
2-3 weeks Duration Diving Unlimited Divemaster certification from a recognized training agency. Valid CPR, first aid and Oxygen provider certification Enriched Air certification 100 logged dives Prerequisites

A Big Blue Diving Club member enjoying discounted dives

SSI Instructor Crossover

35,000 ฿

Pro Courses
4-5 days Tim Morrish with Instructor Trainer Current Instructor with another RSTC recognized Agency Valid CPR and First Aid At least 100 logged dives Prerequisites


Professional Diving Courses at Big Blue Diving, Koh Tao

Unlocking New Horizons in Underwater Exploration

1. SSI-Certified Instructor Training Program

  • Elevate your expertise: Comprehensive training to become a qualified diving educator.
  • Effective teaching methodologies: Learn how to inspire and guide future divers.
  • Rewarding opportunities: Share the wonders of the underwater world and promote marine conservation.

2. Divemaster Training: Master the Art of Guiding

  • Refine your diving skills: Emphasis on leadership, problem-solving, and safety management.
  • Valuable hands-on experience: Assist with courses and lead dives to gain practical knowledge.
  • Navigate diverse environments: Develop confidence in guiding diverse underwater excursions.
  • An unforgettable experience: Form life-long friendships with like-minded characters from all over the world.

3. Koh Tao: The Perfect Training Ground

  • Pristine waters: Crystal-clear and teeming with diverse marine life.
  • Captivating dive sites: Stunning underwater landscapes to explore and learn from.
  • Thriving diving community: Forge lasting connections with like-minded enthusiasts.

4. Commitment to Excellence

  • High safety standards: Ensuring a secure and enjoyable training experience.
  • Industry experts: Experienced instructors providing personalized guidance.
  • Professional growth: Unlock your full potential and achieve diving excellence.

Enroll in our professional courses and embark on a journey of personal and career growth. Big Blue Diving on Koh Tao awaits to empower you with the skills and knowledge to excel in the captivating realm of scuba diving. Discover a world of possibilities beneath the waves, and let your passion for diving flourish to new heights.

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