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Big Blue Diving on Koh Tao offers thrilling tech diving courses for experienced divers. From Decompression Procedures to Advanced Wreck Diver, these courses provide unparalleled opportunities to explore challenging environments, venture into greater depths, and master specialised techniques with the highest levels of safety and skill.

Our tech training courses

A Solo Diverswims alone in the ocean on scuba

Solo Diver

12,000 ฿

2 Days 4 # of Dives Current certification Max Depth

A diver tries sidemount diving on the HTMS Sattakut wreck

Sidemount Diving

12,000 ฿

2 days Days 3 (Includes equipment) # of Dives Current certification Max Depth


Your Tech Diving Training on Koh Tao

On Koh Tao, tech diving enthusiasts can embark on exhilarating underwater adventures with a focus on sidemount, advanced wreck, and decompression procedures. The island’s renowned dive centres, such as Big Blue Diving, offer specialised courses that cater to divers seeking to push their boundaries and explore new realms beneath the waves.

Sidemount diving is a popular choice for those looking to enhance their freedom of movement and streamline their equipment configuration. In the Sidemount Diver course, participants learn how to mount tanks on their sides, providing greater flexibility in tight spaces and a more balanced and comfortable dive experience. Koh Tao’s diverse dive sites offer the perfect training ground to master this technique while enjoying the island’s stunning marine life.

For history buffs and wreck diving enthusiasts, the Advanced Wreck Diver course provides an opportunity to delve into the mysteries of sunken vessels. Koh Tao’s waters are home to fascinating wreck sites, and the course teaches divers how to plan and execute safe wreck dives, navigate complex structures, and handle potential hazards. Exploring these underwater time capsules is a thrilling and humbling experience.

Decompression procedures are an essential aspect of tech diving, allowing divers to safely ascend after extended periods at greater depths. Koh Tao’s tech diving courses cover Decompression Theory and Procedures, equipping divers with the knowledge and skills to execute decompression dives while meticulously managing ascent times and gas mixtures. Safety is paramount in these courses, and participants receive comprehensive training to handle any potential challenges.

The island’s underwater landscape, which includes stunning coral reefs and an array of marine life, serves as a captivating backdrop for these advanced tech diving courses. Big Blue Diving’s experienced instructors ensure that divers are well-prepared for the challenges that come with exploring deeper waters and navigating intricate wreck structures.

With the guidance of seasoned instructors and the stunning underwater landscapes of Koh Tao, tech divers can embark on incredible journeys and forge unforgettable memories beneath the waves.

A wreck in Thailand
2 more wrecks like this are being deployed around Koh Tao in 2023