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Start your diving life with Big Blue Diving. Here are the beginner courses we offer.

Big Blue Diving on Koh Tao offers an exceptional beginner scuba course that promises an unforgettable underwater adventure for all diving enthusiasts. Catering to individuals with little or no prior scuba experience, the course provides a safe and enjoyable introduction to the mesmerising world beneath the waves.

Student enjoys a dive on a beginner scuba course with Big Blue Diving Koh Tao

Basic Scuba Diver

3,500 ฿

Complete Beginners
1 Days 1 dive in the pool PLUS 2 dives in the sea # of Dives 12m Max Depth


We also offer beginner scuba courses for kids under 15 years old and a whole bunch of advanced diving course options.

Your First SCUBA Adventure awaits

Led by highly experienced and certified instructors, the beginner scuba course at Big Blue Diving is carefully crafted to instil confidence and competence in participants. Starting with comprehensive theoretical knowledge, students learn about scuba equipment, diving techniques, and crucial safety protocols. The instructors take a patient and personalised approach, ensuring that each student grasps the fundamentals at their own pace.

Once the classroom sessions are completed, participants eagerly plunge into the azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand for practical training. Koh Tao’s pristine dive sites offer an abundance of marine life and stunning coral reefs, creating an ideal training ground for novices. Under the watchful eyes of the instructors, beginners gradually master essential skills like buoyancy control and underwater navigation, while being amazed by the breathtaking underwater world.

Big Blue Diving’s commitment to sustainability and marine conservation is also ingrained in their teachings, fostering a deeper appreciation and respect for the delicate underwater ecosystems. By the course’s end, students emerge not only as certified divers but also as advocates for protecting the oceans.

In conclusion, our beginner scuba courses on Koh Tao by Big Blue Diving is a fantastic way for newcomers to unlock the beauty of the underwater world, setting the stage for a lifelong passion for diving and a dedication to preserving our planet’s precious marine treasures.

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